Long Yuanmingzhu signed a contract for Weifang Binhai Green Steel Structure Assembled R&D and Manufacturing Base and Regional Headquarters Project

Time : 2022-10-14

tenmonthtwelveThe signing ceremony of Weifang Binhai Green Steel Structure Assembled R&D and Manufacturing Base and Regional Headquarters Project was held in Binhai District, Weifang City, Shandong Province, on March th. Sun Peng, Deputy Director of the District Management Committee, Hou Guangkun, Deputy General Manager of Shandong Tiancheng Steel Structure, and He Haili, Deputy General Manager of Long Yuanmingzhu signed the contract on behalf of all parties. Du Jianhua, Deputy Secretary of the District Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Management Committee, and other leaders of the Economic Development Zone, as well as Lu Jiong, Chairman of Long Yuanmingzhu, and Li Jianming, Chairman of Tiancheng Steel Structure Group, and other enterprise representatives from both sides attended the signing ceremony.


Du Jianhua delivered a speech on behalf of the Economic Development Zone, congratulating the successful signing of the project and praising Longyuan Construction Group as China's wealthfive hundredStrong large enterprise group with rich experience and strength; Tiancheng Steel Structure is a well-known steel structure company in the provinceSpecialization, refinement and noveltyEnterprises are optimistic about the cooperative development of the two enterprises in Binhai New Area. It is pointed out that Weifang Binhai District is a national economic and technological development zone, an industrial new area and a seaport city with huge development potential, and a strong industrial cluster; The organizations at all levels in the Economic Development Zone will do a good jobWaiter, Be goodwaiterAnd promote the implementation of the project as soon as possible, so as to achieve joint construction, sharing and common development.

Li Jianming expressed in his speech that he would like to thank the government for setting up a big stage for investment and win-win cooperation. Tiancheng and Long Yuanmingzhu will take this signing as an opportunity to fly their development dreams in the Kite City, and strive to lead the development of Shandong in terms of building industrialization and intelligence.

Lu Jiong said that as a national level economic and technological development zone, Binhai Economic Development Zone is located in the throat of the Bohai Economic Circle and the geometric center of Shandong Peninsula. It has obvious energy level advantages, regional advantages, and logistics advantages. It has sufficient land for construction. It has strong industrial cluster capacity and broad prospects for development. Thanks to the management committee's recognition of Tiancheng Steel Structure and Longyuanming Building, the new base will make full use of the advantages of Binhai, be confident to generate more income and taxes for Binhai, become the economic backbone of Binhai, and live up to the acceptance and kindness of the management committee.

Area of Binhai Projecttwo hundred and eightMu, the first phase of the planned investmentfourRMB 100 million, based on the research and development of Longyuan Mingzhu InstituteSWith the system as the technical core, we will build an intelligent manufacturing base for the green steel structure prefabricated building industry that integrates the design, manufacturing, construction and installation of steel structures, grid frames, metal color plates, doors, windows and curtain walls, and establish an industry, education, research and construction center and a regional general contracting business department for engineering construction based on the base. It is expected that the annual output value can be realized after reaching the capacitysixRMB100mn

This signing marks a new step and a new milestone in the trilateral cooperation. The implementation of the project will inject strong impetus into the high-quality construction, high-speed development and high-quality development of the coastal area, and will also promote the transformation and upgrading of the traditional construction industry to modern industry in the region, leading the construction industry to industrialization and digital development.