Go for it! Longyuan Construction Group Poly Nanjing Lot N0.2022G05 successfully completed the pre-sale node

Time : 2022-10-25

tenmonthtwenty-onePoly Nanjing, undertaken by Longyuan General Contracting Management CompanyG0fiveprojectfive号楼二层叠合板开始吊装,标志着该project首开楼Building圆满完成建设单位设定的节点目标。

Poly NanjingN0.2022G0five地块project位于南京市雨花台区,project总建筑面积约nine6fourthirty-two.2five Square meters, mainly including the basement of the first floor (partial second floor) andfourBuildingthirty-twoA high-rise residential building with two storeys.

project开工以来,受天气、土方外运等多种因素影响,根据建设单位制定的预售节点目标,首开楼Building(five#Building) construction period onlythirty-twoDays.five#The structure of the building is very complex, including two underground floors and several personal mouth guards. In addition to the recent high temperature and rainy weather, the repeated COVID-1nine and the National Day holiday, the task is very arduous.

Longyuan Construction Group has always unswervingly promoted the strategy of key customers and focused on the management of key customers. NanjingG0fiveproject是总承包管理公司在江苏区域承接的第二个保利地产project,集团公司高度关注,要求project部全力赶工,保质保量完成节点。


With the full efforts of all staff,ninemonththirtyDay,five#The floor concrete pouring is completed;tenmonthelevenDay,完成负二层混凝土浇筑;tenmontheighteenDay,完成负一层混凝土浇筑,最终顺利完成预售节点,完美履约,赢得了建设单位的高度认可和赞誉。

The general contracting management company will continue to strive to improve its own management level, devote itself to creating high-quality projects, establish a good brand image of the company, and contribute to the company's promotion of key customer strategy and further market development. & nbsp;